Day trips
Unforgettable time

Explore your accommodation area with our one-day offers! We offer inspiration and knowledge through active participation!

Multi-day guided tours
Find your inner calling through our tours!

Our tours give you the chance to do more than just see, travel and take photos. With us you can become a local: an amadou specialist, a cheese maker, a weaver. But you can also run along mountain ridges, explore whole regions on an E-bike and enjoy local gastronomy like a 1900s Transylvanian nobleman. Give yourself over to Transylvania, let it enchant you. You're guaranteed to return home with more than you set out with.

Self guided tours
Travel on your own, but never alone!

Want a completely personalised holiday? Everything is possible! We will create an itinerary that best expresses your desires and offers the experiences you are looking for.

When you take a tailor-made, personalised trip, you can enjoy the independence and security of knowing that everything is organised and taken care of for you. 

Our team will be behind the scenes preparing for your trip, and we're just a click away via the app on your phone if you have any questions.

Customized group leisure & incentive travel

Do you want to reward your team with a truly original program? 

Strengthen your community with a team-building event in Transylvania, which can be an unforgettable experience for all your staff. 

Leave it to us to deliver an authentic, active experience on the beaten track.

Our services include:

  • finding the right venue for your chosen theme
  • providing food, drinks and logistics
  • organize the program according to the wishes of the participants
  • providing a specific guide for the chosen program

We revive the idea of MICE travel and the added value of an out-of-office meeting!

Let's work together!
B2B service
  • Looking for a new, exciting, accessible destination for your travelers?
  • Have you worked on a Transylvanian itinerary before, but would you like to break away from the traditional approach and tourist destinations to offer something truly original?
  • Without a good sense of place, do you feel lost in the rapidly evolving and increasingly diverse range of programs and services?
  • Can't get reliable access to a significant proportion of local service providers?
  • Do you want the content of your tours to include surprise elements that differentiate them from the competition?
  • Do you want to be assured that even without your presence, your guests will be able to enjoy uninterrupted quality?

You have arrived.

As a team of local guides from Transylvania, we are proud to say that our experience and local knowledge make us competent in designing and delivering the experiences that will make the difference for your business in the changing tourism market. Use our services with confidence and discover the local spirit and authenticity of the Magenta7 team.