Who are we?

We are guides with over 10 years of experience in the field. Our paths have met on various occasions so far but this time we decided to start a joint project called Magenta7.

Why did we choose this name?

Mountain   Active life   Gastronomy   Equilibrium  Nature   Tradition  Adventure

Because magenta is invisible on the normal light spectrum and yet the human mind perceives it. Basically, catching the 2 ends of the spectrum, violet and red, we perceive magenta as the color between these two. It is a color of change.

And the journey is a change in itself! It is the desire for change, self-discovery and inspiration. These surface when you step beyond the comfort zone of your home.

We believe that tourism can be practiced in a truly sustainable way, supporting the local economy, offering experiences beyond the 5 senses already known.

Hence the number 7 in the name which comes from the 7 senses, beyond the basic 5. Something to be perceived and felt by the one who becomes part of the Magenta7 experience.

We bring you the uniqueness of Transylvania in packages specially designed on your need for knowledge and discovery. You have a choice of 1-day trips or longer, escorted tours where you will take a step back in time.

Imagine a day or more adventure through the lesser known Transylvanian countryside, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, in an area of authentic countryside, where you find inspiration guided by the most knowledgeable locals.

How about joining us on the journey?