Purchase & use rules for gift Vouchers

Make as a gift authentic Transylvanian experiences: Magenta 7 Vouchers

  • The Magenta 7 gift voucher is a voucher issued by MAGENTA 7 SENSES LTD. It entitles the holder (the person registered on the voucher) to use a certain amount for the purchase of tourist products from the agency's portfolio (holiday packages, one-day experiences, self-guided service, individual accommodation, guided tours, etc.).

  • The gift voucher can be purchased online at www.magenta7.travel

  • The value of the gift voucher can be 100 euro, 200 euro, 500 euro and 1000 euro, depending on the request of the person purchasing it.

  • The gift voucher can be used by the holder, on the basis of his/her identity card, or by a third party designated in writing by the holder, by notifying the agency (office@magenta7.travel) in writing of the holder's intention to change. The change of holder is confirmed by the agency and a new voucher is issued with the name of the new holder but with the same serial number.

  • The holder is not entitled to claim the amount written on the voucher.

  • The validity period is 365 days from the date of issue, which means that the booking must be made within the validity period without any restrictions on the date of travel (the date of travel may exceed the validity period).

  • The gift voucher can only be used for one purchase. If the value of the purchase is higher than the value of the voucher, the holder will pay the difference. If the value of the voucher is less than the value of the purchase, the agency is not obliged to refund the difference to the holder.

  • The voucher can be used on all offers found on the website (day experiences, stays, fixed-date tours, self-guided), and if you want to use the travel voucher only for accommodation - through our partners we can guarantee a quality according to your dreams. If you have any questions, contact us and we will help you in your choice.

  • The value of an expired gift voucher does not carry over.

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