Karácsony-Szakács Enikő

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You are invited on a journey through time. Discover the life of the Transylvanian nobility. Explore manor houses, fortresses, and castles, steeped in legends, demonstrate your wood painting skills - and last but not least, spend time in nature, trying out traditional baths and so-called mofettas.

Duration of the trip: 3 days, 2 nights

Distance by car: approx. 150 km

Minimum number of participants: 4 person

Maximum number of participants: 15 person


  • visit the legendary fortress of Ika

  • syrup tasting

  • walk in Bikfalva, the village of the manor houses

  • visit Mikes Castle’s Park

  • picnic in nature with traditional dishes

  • painting workshop in the antique paradise, Haszmann Pál Museum

  • mofettas, pools and springs in Csiszár Spa

  • accompanied by a professional local guide