Travel independently, but not alone.

Discover Transylvania and make your holiday exactly the way you want!

You will discover local magic, people practicing hundreds of years old crafts, places where nature will take your breath away with its beauty, traditional local gastronomy that gives flavour to any trip and springs of healing mineral waters.

Are you ready to rediscover the world without a clock, where there is no rush?

Become our SELF GUIDED customer and travel freely, yet safely!

We'll make your reservations, secure your entry to sights, prepare your entire itinerary, provide you with valuable information, and a team of local guides will assist you just a click away on your phone app throughout your trip.

Isn't it cool when you feel safe?

Get ready to explore the Szeklerland in Self-guided mode

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Assistance along your journey
Benefits of Self-guided Travel

You're never alone, but you're never dependent on anyone to make your schedule.

Travel Self guided acrossTransylvania!

This way of traveling is becoming more and more popular around the world and allows you to enjoy the magic of the place at your own pace, not constrained by a particular schedule or group dynamic as with guided group tours.

Save valuable time!
Benefits of Self-guided Travel

You've searched a bunch of websites, blogs, groups, found conflicting information and don't even know what to choose?
Sometimes organising a trip can be more stressful than it seems. You waste valuable time searching and get annoyed when the accommodation or sightseeing places don't answer the phone to give you the information you need.
We know that and that's why we're here to help!
Time is the most precious resource and we at Magenta 7 do our best to save you endless hours of researching relevant and up-to-date information about accommodation, sights, etc.
We do it all for you! You just get your "holiday on the turnkey" and enjoy the fun of traveling in self-guided way.

Culinary recommendations
Benefits of Self-guided Travel

How many times have you been to a place and not known where the food is good?
You've spent time googling but in the end it still wasn't to your taste, maybe the portions weren't "as pictured" or the waiters were bored and unprofessional.
So we thought we'd put together a list of places in Szeklerland where you can eat your fill, where the food is always fresh and the people hospitable.
We'll take that worry off your hands and let you know which options are best suited to your tastes.
Sounds good, doesn't it?
Choose the Self-guided service and we'll take care of everything, you just enjoy your long-awaited holiday.

Dream places that probably accommodation platforms don't know about
Boutique/chic accommodation with unlisted beds

Did you know that most accommodations only list a portion of their rooms on booking platforms?
Often you really want to go to a particular place, but when you check the booking platforms you notice that there are no more places and you lose interest.
We know a local secret!
The coolest places are not listed there, they have customers from recommendations and don't need to be so active online.
But with our help, chances are that you can book the accommodation you want even when the platform shows it fully booked.
With us you find the accommodation that best suits your travel style!

Enjoy your trip just the way you prefer!
Benefits of self-guided travel

Tired of trips that turn into stress?

I'm sure you've had experiences that instead of being a reason to enjoy and relax have turned into an extra reason for stress and annoyance.
Either the accommodation wasn't what you wanted, or the food wasn't good, the museum was closed and the information on the website wasn't up to date. Or maybe you wanted an authentic holiday but ended up in the popular places because you couldn't find anyone to guide you.
We at Magenta7 don't want that to happen to you, so we've designed a tailor-made service for you so that whatever destination you choose in Transylvania turns into a holiday you'll always remember fondly.

  •  We offer you a consultation session in which we determine the destination and then we get to work.
  •  we create your itinerary
  •  we book your accommodation
  •  we secure your entry to the sights
  •  we prepare the most relevant information about the area
  •  we're there for you whenever you need us via an app on your phone throughout your trip

So you have 100% freedom of movement, you are informed and travel like a professional

How much does all this cost?
We believe the self-guided rates below reflect more than satisfactory the value-for-money of our service

To make your decision even easier, you can choose from several categories of rates, depending on the number of days planned:

  •  1-3 days: €85
  •  4-6 days: €110
  •  7-10 days: €135
  • over 10 days the rate is negotiable